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Main objective of "POCHAINA CENTRE" LLC – is to ensure the understanding and interest of all the employees of the enterprise in achieving the most complete satisfaction of customer requirements and expectations.

The main Objective is achieved through performing the following tasks:

- communication of the Quality Policy to every employee in order to ensure their awareness during their attraction into the quality management process;

- understanding that:

- the level of the quality is defined by the Consumer. And stable quality, that meets the requirements and expectations of the consumer is achieved through prevention of the occurrence of the problems;

- the concept "quality" applies to all kinds of activity of "POCHAINA CENTRE" LLC;

- quality is the only way to development and prosperity;

- each employee of our enterprise is either a User or a Supplier for other employees and has the right to expect good work from them as well as to bear responsibility for fulfillment of his/her own work of good quality;

- not the services alone bring the success to our company, but long-term processes of their creation, well-thought-out technical reconstruction and renovation;

- focus on fulfillment of the three major duties within the enterprise: never to perform, never to accept and never to provide poor-quality services;

- assurance of stable quality to the services through prevention and detection of the nonconformities with subsequent elimination of the causes of their occurrence;

- development of the relations with the suppliers and consumers on the basis of mutual understanding and cooperation.

The tasks put forward will be solved by means of:

- maximum implementation of the Quality Management System into all processes on the basis of ISO 9001:2008 standards;

- achievement and continual maintenance of the stable quality of the services appropriate to the requirements and expectations of the consumers;

- analysis of data relating to the suppliers, conformity of the services and processes to the requirements, satisfaction of the customer, immediate response to customer's requests and in prospect – their prediction;

- capability to take operative decisions aimed to satisfy the wishes of the tenants, to expand the range of services, professional training of the personnel;

- investing financial resources into the material base of the enterprise;

- continual improvement of the level of competence of the personnel and its training.

Quality Policy is the basis for the enterprise's activities. Vitally important for our enterprise are both the commitments of top management as to the implementation and enhancement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in the sphere of management and rendering services, and the commitments of the employees to keep to the provisions of such approach.

D.O. Vekhalevskyy

General Director

O.S. Stakhman

Quality Manager


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